Solar Panels and Winter

Posted by Solar Expert on November 16, 2021


As winter approaches, many questions arise for homeowners related to their solar PV system. Read more to learn answers to frequently asked questions about the colder temperatures, snow, and your solar panels.

As winter approaches, many questions arise for homeowners related to their solar PV system. Of course, solar energy systems will still work during colder temperatures, but there are a few things to consider for optimal performance.

Will my solar panels perform the same in the winter? In the winter, the days are shorter, meaning less sunlight exposure. The panels themselves will still work optimally, but with less time to absorb the solar rays, the panels will produce quite a bit less than in the summer. It is important to size the solar panel system to take into account the monthly differences in solar radiation as well as the monthly electrical usage for the home.

Will my solar panels work if it snows? Yes, solar panels will still work, but if the snow builds up and doesn’t quickly melt or fall off the panels, gently clearing the snow off can ensure that maximum light reaches the panels. Since the days are already shorter during the winter months, it is important to ensure as much light can reach the panel as possible during the hours when the sun is shining.

What happens if there is a power outage or energy shortage? The wonderful thing about solar energy systems is that they allow for greater independence from the larger energy grid. With the right system in place that utilizes solar panels and battery storage, you can still have access to the renewable energy you’ve been generating on your rooftop regardless of outages in your area.

What if temperatures get really cold? Extreme temperatures can negatively impact the life of solar batteries, which is why it is recommended that they be installed in an insulated, temperature-controlled area. A solar expert can help you determine if your solar battery has been installed in a location that will be minimally affected by extreme temperatures.

Do I need to adjust the angle of my solar panels? As the seasons change, so does the angle of the sun’s rays directed towards your rooftop solar PV panels. Any questions about the configuration of your system can be answered by a solar expert who can help you determine if your panels are fixed (meaning they don’t move), designed to compensate for subtle directional light changes on their own, or require manual adjustments.

Should I try to use less electricity during the winter? Energy conservation is always an ideal practice but finding ways to conserve additional energy during the winter is especially important. By minimizing excess energy usage, you can reduce your dependence on the energy grid and other forms of energy generation. For example, consider checking the insulation in your home, sealing any cracks, and unplugging appliances that aren’t actively in use.

Have more questions about preparing for winter? Contact one of our solar experts today. With DFW Solar Electric, all of your residential and commercial solar needs will be met by our experienced solar professionals. Factors like your energy usage, roof positioning, and budget can all be evaluated with a solar expert to determine your solar readiness and help you maintain optimal performance of your rooftop system. To learn more about switching to solar, click here.


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