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Why You Need Solar Power


Residential solar panels can pay for themselves in as few as six to eight years, resulting in 22 to 24 years of savings. Some homeowners have been able to reduce their electric bills by as much as 95%.



Solar creates clean energy that won’t contribute to air pollution, eliminating greenhouse gasses and CO2 emissions. It reduces the need for fossil fuels and improves your carbon footprint.

Home Value

Adding solar panels to your home can increase its resale value by $15,000 or more. Solar panel systems are expected to last 30 years or longer. That's a home upgrade for buyers to get excited about! 


Are You Solar Ready?

Our team of experts in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX will help you determine your solar readiness. Here are a few signs your Texas home is a good fit for solar panel installation.

Condition of Your Roof

Condition of Your Roof

Your roof should be in good condition and constructed with durable materials. Solar systems add about 2-5 pounds per sq. foot, so structural work is rarely needed.

Shading and Angle of the Sun

Shading and Angle of the Sun

There should be little to no roof shading year-round.  South-facing or some SW or SE facing roofs, with at least 500 sq. feet of open areas are optimal. 

Local Restrictions

Local Restrictions

Usually, we can help you resolve city or neighborhood restriction conflicts, but in rare cases we can’t install our systems because it would violate deed/contract restrictions or local ordinances.

Utility Bill

Utility Bill

The larger the solar panel system, the more cost-effective it will be for you. We have found that solar panels don’t make sense for customers who pay less than $100 per month for electricity.

*Please note that we can only install a system if we have an agreement with the property owner. If you lease your building, we’ll need to get your landlord’s approval in addition to yours.

4 Simple Steps to Get You Started

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Getting solar energy for your home in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX is surprisingly affordable and may be easier than you think. Our process is designed so that we do the work while keeping you informed.

  • Proposal - We’ll complete a free, no-obligation proposal and answer any questions about the products, process or financing.

  • Site Survey - A solar professional will visit your home to look at your electrical box and take measurements of your roof to finalize your system design.

  • Financing - A Solar Loan Partner can help you with financing and payment options.

  • Incentives - The State of Texas and some utility programs have incentive programs for residential solar. Ask about current Federal incentives.

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Solar Panels are Long Lasting and Hassle Free


Our systems are built to last 30 years or more and require little maintenance. We recommend cleaning the panels and performing a routine system check at least once per year. 


Should a portion of the system underperform for some reason, just call us. We'll be ready to service the system so you can get back to counting your energy bill savings.


*In addition to all of the manufacturers’ warranties for the equipment, we provide a five-year workmanship warranty on every system.  At a minimum, our solar panels have 25-year performance warranties and 10-12 year workmanship warranties.  Our microinverters have 10 or 25-year warranties and our string inverters have minimum warranties of 10 years.


Is maintenance required?

Because our solar panel systems have no moving parts, they rarely require maintenance. We recommend that our systems be cleaned at least once per year, with an annual maintenance visit to verify the system is functioning as designed. We are happy to perform the routine maintenance for you for a small additional cost.

What about the weather and hail?

Weather damage is rare. Solar panels are designed to withstand very severe weather – including high winds and hail. Many property owners’ insurance policies will cover solar systems at no or minimal additional cost, and adding the system to your policy is usually simple.

Are there any hidden fees?

We don’t charge any fees for signing an agreement, and we’ll design your system for free. Once we have received your approval to move forward with building it, we will require a pre-installation payment in order to procure your solar panels, inverters and racking materials.

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Get an instant ballpark solar estimate using satellites!

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