Commercial Solar Systems in Dallas-Fort Worth

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Why Businesses in North Texas Are Going Solar at a Record Pace

Solar Panel Savings

The price of commercial solar panel systems has dropped rapidly over the past five years, and in many areas the cost of solar electricity is lower than buying energy from the utility.

Your company could save money with a commercial solar system.



Companies are finding that customers prefer to buy from businesses that demonstrate a commitment to green initiatives. Few investments provide more tangible proof of support for the environment than a solar panel system.

Company Value

An investment in solar panels typically results in an immediate increase in enterprise value equal to or greater than the investment itself, through a demonstrable increase in company profits.


Is Solar Right for Your Business?

Our team of commercial solar energy experts will help you determine whether a commercial solar panel installation makes sense for your business.

Ownership of Your Building

Ownership of Your Building

It is easy to install solar if you own your own building. If you happen to rent, you'll need landlord approval, and you probably won't save money if your lease is less than ten years.

Financing Plan

Financing Plan

If your company has cash, or an existing debt instrument, then it's full speed ahead. If you are looking for other financing for a commercial solar system, we can help with that too.

Site Characteristics

Site Characteristics

To optimize energy output, the site should be relatively unshaded and have as much uninterrupted roof or ground space as possible. Bigger systems save more money!

Utility Bill

Utility Bill

The higher your electric rate and energy usage, the more you can save. Solar makes the most sense if your electric rate is greater than 5 cents per kWh.

*Please note that we can only install a system if we have an agreement with the property owner. If you lease your building, we’ll need to get your landlord’s approval in addition to yours.

4 Simple Steps to Get You Started

Fill out the form to get a solar estimate for your business.

Getting a commercial solar system in Texas may be easier than you think. Our process is designed so that we do all the administrative work, leaving you free to run your business.

  • Proposal - We’ll complete a free, no-obligation proposal and answer any questions about the products, process or financing.

  • Site Survey - A solar energy professional will visit your land or building to look at your electrical box and take measurements of the site to finalize your system design.

  • Financing - A Solar Loan Partner can help you with financing and payment options.

  • Incentives - The State of Texas and some utility programs have incentive programs for commercial solar systems. Ask about current Federal incentives.

Fill out the form to talk with one of our commercial solar panel installation experts. 


Do you have financing options?

We have a number of no-money down options for companies that want to go solar without dipping into cash reserves that are intended for use in other business growth initiatives. Ask about our Power Purchase Agreement and Loan options.

What Incentives Are Available for Businesses?

Every for-profit entity is eligible for a 26% Federal income tax credit as well as accelerated depreciation expense benefits. There are also utility incentives that apply in certain areas which we will summarize for you as part of our free, no obligation solar analysis.

How much maintenance is required?

Commercial solar panel systems are durable, and rarely require maintenance. As a result, warranties are strong and limit the potential for large, unexpected repair bills. We recommend that commercial solar systems be cleaned and inspected at least once per year for optimal results.

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