3G networks and the future of your rooftop solar system

Posted by Solar Expert on March 16, 2022

3G networks and solar systems

One of the hottest topics in the news currently has to do with the rollout of 5G networks and the simultaneous phasing out of 3G networks. Read the full article to learn how these changes may affect your solar system.

As major cellular networks start shutting down their 3G networks this year, there are a lot of questions that may arise surrounding rooftop solar systems. Fortunately for many, the transition to running solely on 4G and 5G networks means technology will be faster and more efficient.

For those still utilizing technology that only operates on 3G networks, such as older cell phones, e-readers, portable internet hotspots, medical devices, home security systems, or the like – it may be time for an upgrade. Most companies that utilize technology that runs on the older networks have been notifying customers of the coming changes and available options – so if you haven’t heard anything, a quick internet search or phone call to the service provider may be in order.

Will my rooftop solar system still work once 3G networks are all shut down

While all major carriers will phase out their 3G networks in 2022, the exact date will depend on your mobile carrier. Regardless of the timing of which networks shut down and when, though, the good news is that 3G networks being phased out will not interfere with your solar system’s ability to work – the main concern is losing the ability to remotely monitor your system unless you upgrade to a 4G modem. Being able to monitor your system through a cellular modem is critical to diagnosing and navigating technological issues and ensuring you are accurately compensated based on your system’s production.

Why won’t my modem connect to 4G automatically?

With 3G being phased out, all other components, like your solar monitoring app, will be upgraded to 4G or 5G and no longer be able to connect to 3G. Unfortunately, older modems and devices cannot just switch to new telecommunications technology. They were built to work with a specific network, in this case, 3G, which will no longer exist. This leaves upgrading to a modem compatible with 4G and/or 5G as the only real option to still be able to monitor your system.

How can I upgrade to a 4G modem?

If you want to upgrade your system, the best place to start is by following guidance issued directly from your modem’s manufacturer. This information can be accessed by contacting them directly or reaching out to your solar installer to connect you with the expert in upgrading your modem. Alternatively, you can connect your modem to the internet via your home’s Wi-Fi rather than upgrading the modem itself. This option may lack some monitoring benefits but is a better option than not having visibility into your system’s operations at all.

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