The shift to 100% clean energy by 2037

Posted by Solar Expert on March 30, 2022


Renewable energy has been growing rapidly – only a decade ago, solar and wind barely made up one percent of global energy consumption but have become an increasingly accessible and reliable power source.

According to Ember, a company committed to providing the most transparent and up-to-date overview of changes in the global electricity transition, wind and solar are the fastest-growing sources of electricity, reaching a record ten percent of global electricity in 2021.

Ember also highlights the following statistics for 2021:

  • 50 countries get over a tenth of their electricity from wind and solar
  • 38% of global electricity came from clean power
  • Power sector CO2 emissions rose by 7%
  • The demand for electricity increased by 5%
  • 29% of demand growth was met by wind and solar

Governments like the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada are so confident in clean electricity that they plan to shift their grid to 100% clean electricity within the next fifteen years. As more people continue to invest in renewable energy, such as rooftop solar power systems, we can build a brighter future together and accomplish these ambitious clean energy goals.

Out of all of the clean energy options, why solar, though? First, the sun provides unlimited power, simply waiting to be harnessed and converted into usable electricity. Rooftop solar panels function in a way that is better for the environment than burning fossil fuels. Although it requires an initial investment to install the system, the long-term savings make it more than worth it. And best of all, it’s a form of power generation that is easy to maintain and utilize.

One of the biggest questions that people considering solar panels may face is if they should buy or lease. Leasing solar panels can undoubtedly reduce the upfront costs but means the person does not officially own their panels. While purchasing does require a more substantial upfront cost, purchasing means the person owns their panels and can increase their property value, qualify for certain tax rebates, and more. If you aren’t sure which financing and payment options are available or suitable for you, not to worry – at DFW Solar Electric, we will connect you with a solar loan partner that can help you every step of the way.

With more than 30,000 solar panels installed to date, DFW Solar Electric has the experience and professionalism to provide your home with the best, most efficient solar power system. We use only products from reputable and time-trusted suppliers, and our installations are guaranteed to last with industry-standard maintenance.

Call us at 972-827-7651 or visit us online at to learn more and let us know you’re interested. After examining your home’s structure, roofline and roof orientation, we can give you a clear picture of how much your solar panels will cost, how much energy you should be able to generate, and how much carbon emissions your installation alone can eliminate.


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