The Incredible Technology of Solar Panels

Posted by Solar Expert on January 6, 2022


It’s National Technology Day! And what better way to celebrate than taking advantage of one of the most exciting technological innovations of the last 50 years – residential solar power. Read the full article to learn more.

More U.S. homes are installing solar panels each year than ever before. Recent assessments by the Solar Energy Industries Association have concluded that the U.S. currently has two million residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar installations. By 2024, as many as 3.5 million homes in the U.S. will use primarily solar power.

The recent explosion of solar energy is driven by an equal explosion in the capacity and efficiency of solar technologies, especially at the residential level. At the same time, families across the country, just like yours, are switching to solar for conscientious reasons. Like you, more and more people each year realize the toll fossil fuel production and use have taken on our environment.

You may be understandably frustrated with the fossil fuel companies, world governments, and trade complexes that brought us to this point, but you may not have considered how to contribute to change. Better still, making your house more environmentally friendly via solar energy also promises to save you money over several years. The technology has never been better, and the need has never been timelier. Still not quite convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the solar technology advancements from which your home could benefit.

Efficient solar panels

Surprisingly, the first solar cells, designed to convert absorbed solar energy into electricity, were developed in the late 19th century. Unfortunately, these cells had a measly 1% efficiency, meaning just 1% of the absorbed energy could be converted and used. As a result, interest in solar energy technology died as quickly as it began due to this inefficiency.

Growing knowledge of our climate situation has changed everything and made switching to solar energy an environmentally and financially sensible decision for your home. Most solar panel offerings today, including those provided by DFW Solar Electric, can achieve efficiencies of 15-20% in most cases, depending on location, rooftop orientation, and other contributing factors.

The technology will continue to improve, to be sure. But most residential solar panels available today are more than efficient enough to power your home and generate savings. The sooner you get your system installed, the sooner it can pay for itself and continue providing thousands in savings for decades to come.

Efficient energy storage

An optional add-on for a residential solar panel system, but one that many homeowners find to be a sensible choice, is an energy storage system, sometimes called a solar power bank or battery.

Residential solar panels can generate enough electricity to power the average American home, especially with reduced needs during regular working hours. However, some prospective solar clients may not realize that solar energy generated either needs to be used nearly immediately or stored for later use. For example, power would need to be stored throughout the day to be used in the evenings, when more people may be home, and energy demand is higher.

That’s where solar banks come in and save the day. Most systems use an efficient lithium-ion battery system to store plenty of energy. You can be sure the energy you generate during the day is put to good use. Though utility companies may compensate you for unused daytime energy production, using your own stored energy ensures that you don’t receive less value from the utility company for your solar electricity than it is worth.

By utilizing a storage bank system, you further reduce (or eliminate!) your reliance on local power grids for home energy.

As an added benefit, banking your generated energy can also prove helpful during an unexpected power grid failure. Much of Texas experienced catastrophic grid failure in February 2021 due to a 100-year winter storm, but most of the state experienced sunny (albeit cold) days after the initial heavy snowfall. On those days, your home could keep generating and storing solar power for all your electricity needs. Should a similar grid failure happen again, the security of knowing you don’t have to go without power or heat cannot be overstated.

See if it’s your time to join the solar revolution

Countries worldwide are diversifying their energy production into renewable sources for the good of the planet and guaranteed sustainability. However, the most economical and practical option for individual homeowners is still a reliable solar panel and bank system. DFW Solar Electric is proud to work with the finest manufacturer and solar contractors to provide homeowners like you with a clean energy system that perfectly meets your needs.

Contact DFW Solar Electric today at 972-827-7651 or visit us at After consultations and evaluations of your home’s roof structure and orientation, one of our solar experts can let you know how much you can expect your installation to cost and, more importantly, how quickly it can start saving you money.


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