Calculating What Size Rooftop Solar Panel System You Need in 2022

Posted by Solar Expert on February 24, 2022


A solar system installation from a trusted provider like DFW Solar Electric can drastically reduce your electricity consumption from your local power grid helping make your house more sustainable in 2022. Read the full article to learn more.

Residential rooftop solar panels are deep in the middle of a nationwide boom right now, with a near-majority of American homeowners saying they’ve considered a solar installation in recent years. You’ve probably seen the visible changes in your neighborhood – more and more sleek-black panels lining the west- and southward faces of your neighbors’ roofs. You may have wondered, at least to yourself, what all the fuss is about and whether you should explore it more.

Still, exploring the world of residential solar panels can feel daunting at first. The technology has come so far in recent years and, although it’s more affordable and accessible than ever, even knowing where to begin can be difficult. How much solar power generation do I need? Will it fit on my roof? Do I need batteries?

Allow us to de-mystify some of the questions above and explain how your home solar installation can help you achieve energy independence and freedom from the rat race of unstable electricity costs.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

The shortest and most straightforward answer is, unfortunately: it depends.

We know that’s not helpful if you’re looking for fast facts, but the truth is, your home’s solar power generation needs come from many different factors. It’s important to understand that a solar panel system is an investment in the value of your home, your future energy expenses and bottom line, and the health of the planet. Like any good investment, exploring your solar options requires careful consideration and planning.

Fortunately, we have a great online tool on our website that you can use to estimate your home’s solar capacity and needs. Of course, estimates given by the tool may likely differ somewhat based on market fluctuations, product availability, and the discretion of your solar provider. Still, the tool can at least give you a ballpark figure you can use to begin exploring your options before partnering with a trusted and experienced provider like DFW Solar Electric.

Next Steps

After contacting us, DFW Solar Electric installation and design experts can thoroughly analyze your roof, its orientation and structural integrity, and your past energy costs and provide you with a project quote. Exact quotes may depend on material costs and availability, among other factors.

Switching your home to solar energy has the potential to save you money now and even more money later. Especially combined with a battery bank system to provide power through non-producing nights and cloudy days, your solar panel system can immediately begin slashing your monthly energy costs.

In ideal situations, you could even achieve complete energy independence, even exceeding your needed electric production and pumping any excess back onto the grid for a rebate from local electric providers.

After some time, typically within ten years or even sooner, the savings generated by your panels will have effectively paid for themselves. As returns on investments go, that’s a great deal, especially considering the savings your system will continue to generate for years to come.

The money is on the table, available for you to save rather than remaining beholden to electric companies month-in and month-out. Today, we exist at the perfect intersection of solar panel efficiency, affordability, and availability. Let DFW Solar Electric Show you how to take advantage of the opportunity.


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