Are Solar Panels Right For Your Family?

Posted by Solar Expert on January 1, 2016

Are Solar Panels Right for Your Family?

Off-the-grid early adopters weren’t as fortunate as today’s homeowners. Solar panels are so common and widely used that they are no longer considered a risky investment. In fact, take a closer look at your community. Chances are more neighbors have solar panels than you realize!

The best thing to do is to conduct some quality research before making your decision. You can find arguments for and against solar on the web, but the best thing to do is have a personal consultation that is customized for your home and real estate market.

In general, if your home’s roof is unshaded, and has one or two non-North facing sections with a total combined area of at least 400 square feet, then solar energy may be right for you. It also helps if your roof is five years old or less.

The larger your electric bill, the more solar can help. “Net metering” is a rule in many States that requires the utility company to buy back from homeowners the electricity produced by a home’s solar panels that is in excess of what the home is using. In Texas, there is no law requiring net metering, so some utilities have adopted net metering, and some have not. As a result, it is critical that you know the rules for your utility, and that your solar panel system is sized appropriately for your home if net metering is not available. Otherwise, you could be providing free solar energy to your utility that it can then sell to someone else!

We are experts in everything solar in North Texas, and we offer free, personalized home energy analyses that can give you detailed information about the cost-effectiveness of solar energy for you. This will allow you to make a more informed decision. Give us a call today at 972-827-7651. We’ll give you the ultimate yay or nay on your burning question: is solar energy your home’s soul mate?


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