Switching to Solar Can Have a Lasting Impact

Posted by Solar Expert on September 29, 2021


Installing solar panels on the roof of your home can go a long way towards positively impacting the health of people and the environment. Read more.

Installing solar panels on the roof of your home can go a long way towards positively impacting the health of people, the environment, and more. How is this possible? When people use a renewable energy resource such as solar, it can reduce the need for fossil fuels and the lengthy, water-centric processes required throughout traditional means of electricity production.

Solar panels are an excellent alternative to fossil fuels because they do not require gas, water, or other commodities to convert sunlight into energy but can simply ‘soak up the sun’s rays.’ Although the solar conversion process is more complex and intricate than this, it is still relatively simple: solar panels absorb sunlight, the energy is converted to usable electricity, and any extra power can be stored in a battery that can be accessed later.

The usage of fossil fuels, rather than renewable energy resources, also contributes to the production of harmful greenhouse gases. These gases negatively impact the atmosphere, contributing to the climate change crisis. Air pollution affects many aspects of our environment, including animals, plants, water quality, soil, and the ozone. It also contributes to many respiratory illnesses developed by both adults and children. As many as nine out of every ten people who live in urban areas are negatively impacted by air pollution, making an increase in sustainable energy methods more critical than ever.

As people nationwide continue to install solar panels, utilize battery storage, and lead sustainable lives, the more precious resources are saved, and the better our population and environment will be. Solar energy is clean, efficient, and sustainable for your household or workplace. What other benefits of solar renewable energy are there? As more people switch to solar, the demand for these products and services increases too. This has the potential to create economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation, and more. Switching to solar also means, for the homeowner, stable energy prices while the rest of the energy consumers experience fluctuating or rising costs of electricity. With this price stability also comes reliability of the access to energy too. As other homeowners experience shortages or outages due to weather events or power grid issues, people utilizing a combined solar power and battery storage system remain virtually unaffected.

If you’re interested in switching to solar and reaping the benefits, contact us at DFW Solar Electric today! Our solar panel installation experts will help you determine if solar is the best energy solution for your home or business. Get a free, no-obligation solar estimate! Solar estimates include:

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